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Insulation Engineering Available

Insulation Engineering Can Maximize Your Potential

Although insulation systems are applied every day, it is rare that they are actually engineered to meet the conditions and needs of the facility. Unlike piping systems where there are relatively few material options and sizes available, insulation systems have an enormous variety of options providing different benefits in any number of environmental conditions. In order to maximize your return on investment and ensure your insulation system is providing the largest benefit possible, it is important to take a long list of factors into consideration.

Knowledge Is Key

Sinoinsulation excels at planning and advising you in order to create a system engineered to optimize your operations. Pooling from decades of experience with specifications along with intimate knowledge of industry standards, we are able to customize the insulation solution to the unique circumstances in your facility. A properly designed system should use the individualized inputs from your building in determining when, where, why and how much insulation is needed.

Insulation Contractors Should:

²        Identify the right insulation product

²        at the right thickness

²        with the right protection or finish

²        suitable for the environment to which it will be exposed

²        installed according to requirements

²        inspected and maintained to ensure long term performance



²        What is the primary reason for insulating?

²        What am I insulating? (pipe, tank, vessel, equipment)

²        What´s the nature of the process?

²        What is the base material of the pipe or equipment?

²        What are the ambient conditions for the full process cycle?

²        Will there be condensation issues?

²        Is the system located indoors, outdoors, or both?

²        Will the system need to be heat traced?

²        Will you need to address leak detection and monitoring?

²        How critical is the appearance?

²        Do you need to meet USDA or FDA requirements?

²        Are there any specific fire ratings required?

²        Will there be people working around the system?

²        What kind of abuse will the system be exposed to?

²        Will there be areas of the system that need regular maintenance checks?

²        What is the expected life of the system?

²        Does acoustic treatment need to be addressed


Contact the insulation engineering team at Sinoinsulation and learn more about these great benefits.

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