Broadly used in the partition walls, external walls, roofs of Metal Buildings, Compartment, Ventiduct, Vent-Pipe, Industrial Building and various tanks as soundproof, fireproof meterials and heat insulation. Glass Wool Insulation can be faced with aluminum foil facing (FSK facing, Heat sealing aluminum foil facing etc.),fiber glass tissue, fiber glass cloth,reinforced polypropylene facing and other thermal insulation facing to enhance the performance of vaper barrier, heat preservation, sound proof, etc.

Knowledge of Glass Wool Insulation Products:

Glass wool is an insulating material, made from fibre glass, arranged into a texture similar to wool. It is one of the most widely used forms of insulation because of its thermal and acoustic insulation properties, light weight, high tensile strength and exceptional resilience. Glass wool is the most dominant type of insulation used in applications with service temperatures between -50ºC to +250ºC.

Fiber Glass is made from sand,soda,limestone and other components, raw material which can be found in every place.

The raw materials are melted at a temperature exceeding 1400in a flame furnace, and then the glass flows to the fiberizing machine, the glass is centrifugally processed to form thin, resilient fibers with an average diameter of about 7 microns.

Thermosetting resin is sprayed over the glass fibers to bind them together to form glass wool. The glass wool is formed into products with various thickness and densities. When the glass wool is pressed together and the volumetric weight then increases, the properties of the material gradually change.

Product Benefits:

1. Keep room warm in winter and cool in summer, save your bills and offer you comfort;

2. Glass Wool does not contain any corrosive agent like many cellulose fibers that may corrode the metallic parts of a building;

3. Non hygroscopic, glass wool can be used to completely fill cavity walls;

4. Fire Safety: Glass Wool can be used with total safety in walls, roofs and air ducts;

5. Glass wool provides both acoustic and thermal insulation unlike rigid foams which are only thermal insulators;

6. Glass Wool Insulation does not age, does not distort and keeps its insulation capacity though the years of building life.


Product collection to display the collection of various of products

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    Fiberglass Pipe Insulation with ASJ and SSL

    Fiberglass Pipe Insulation is used as a thermal insulation for both hot and cold service piping with operating temperatures within the range of -20°F up to 1000°F. Pipe applications include hot and cold water, hot water heating, high temperature, dual temperature, steam, condensate, and refrigerated lines. Fiberglass pipe covering is wrapped in all-service jacketing (ASJ) and comes with a self-sealing lap (SSL) for a quick and easy installation.

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    Glass Wool Blanket with Aluminium Foil

    Applications: Heat preservation for steel structure building. Heat insulation for wall and roof of house to save energy. For indoor partition wall,Train compartment, For cooling system and high buildings required to be fireproof, heat resistant and sound insulating.

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    Glass Wool Blanket

    Applications: Heat preservation for steel structure building. Heat insulation for wall and roof of house to save energy. For indoor partition wall, Train compartment. For cool-making and high buildings required to be fireproof,heat resistant and sound insulating.

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    Glass Wool Board

    Applications: Mainly used in the high building interior compartment, ceiling, iron duct or bellows insulation, and sound-absorbing studio.

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    Glass Wool Board with Aluminium Foil

    Applications: Compartment for luxurious building, suspended ceiling. Inner liner for iron air pipe and bellow for insulation. Thermal insulation or cold reserving for building. Good sound absorption material for machine room. Entertainment places to serve as noise absording material.

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    Glass Wool Batts

    Applications: Widely used for heat insulation and sound absorption in various doors, board cores and equipment filling.

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    Glass Wool Pipe

    Applications: Mainly used for heat preservation and thermal insulation in construction, chemical and electronic industry etc.

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    Color Glass Wool

    Applications: Widely used for the heat insulation and sound absorption in building field and heat preservation of pipes.

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