Phenolic foam is a very versatile material suitable for a large range of applications where thermal performance, moisture resistance, fire performance and in certain cases structural strength are key performance criteria. Phenolic foam is the only material that can provide this unique range of benefits and is used in a variety of applications: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) The foam is cut to accurate tolerances on computer controlled cutting equipment. Parts available include traditional half sections, slotted slab, foil faced phenolic foam laminate ductboard, radius and bevelled lags, bends, flange box covers, valve box covers, etc. Materials are generally supplied with a vapour barrier facing. High density foam is also available for structural applications such as pipe and duct supports. Building and Construction Phenolic foam is used in many building applications, typically continuously laminated phenolic board is used in roofing, cavity board, external wall board, plasterboard

Knowledge of Phenolic Foam Insulation Products

Phenolic insulation is manufactured by a process in which a plastic foam forms an insulating core between two flexible tissue faced layers. It has a high closed cell content and fine cell structure.

Rigid phenolic insulation is produced by mixing high solids and phenolic resin with a surface acting agent. The heat created by the reaction evaporates a volatile liquid blowing agent in the mixture which produces a network of small bubbles in the material. The foam can be cured to create one of two forms of the product. It can be manufactured by a continuous process to create thin sheet material which is laminated with various facings and cut into boards.

Product Benefits:

1. Dimensionally Stable.

2. Closed cell Structure & excellent moisture resistance.

3. Lightweight, Strong & Rigid.

4. Resistant to many chemical solvents and oil.

5. Low thermal conductivity.

6. Non Fibrous.

7. Low flame spread.

8. Low smoke Emission.


Product collection to display the collection of various of products

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    Phenolic Foam Pipe

    Applications: Hot and cold water pipelines (including underground lines) Ethanol plants Petroleum and chemical transportation pipelines Food processing plants For any pipes that require insulation

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    Phenolic Foam Duct Board

    Applications: By taking phenolic foam or polyurethane or PIR as core material,Pre-insulated Ducting Panel, can be compounded with aluminum foil, colored steel. Galvanized Iron etc. It's a kind of noncombustible material which gives off no smoke and no poisonous gas when exposing to fire. Its bending strenght reaches over 1Mpa and the thermal conductivity index 0.023 w/mk. The phenolic foam or polyurethane can be fabricated into all kinds of rectangular or bended ducts by cutting and adhesive connecting, then can be assembled into the air ducts of different specifications by using the fire-proof flange and adhesive. It's widely used for the ventilation systems of central air conditioning units in hotels, apartments, hospitals, office buildings and other deluxe buildings.

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