An air-drying contact adhesive that is excellent for joining seams and butt joints of rubber foam insulation products.

Knowledge of insulation adhesive

Insulation adhesive for rubber foam products is the single component of volatile dry adhesive with perfect performance waterproof, oil-resistant, high strength and long stickiness.

Color: Light yellow /White/Transparent/Brown/Black Viscous liquid

Solid Content: 20/25/30/35/40%


Product Benefits:

Easy application;

Fast drying of the seams;

Specially formulated for rubber foam insulation;

Ensures reliable vapour-tight joints;

For operating temperatures up to +105 °C;

One-component industrial adhesive;

Low viscosity as air drying adhesive.


Product collection to display the collection of various of products

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    Caned adhesive for foam insulation

    Application: For bonding furniture, construction material, fiber boards, furniture, Flooring, tabletops, laminas, Linoleum and rubber to wood, Concrete, also is mainly used in the daily repair such as: shoes, furniture, leather, sofa and handicraft.

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    Spray adhesive for foam insulation

    Applications: General upholstery foam bonding, mattress assembly, bonding fabrics to aircraft interiors, speakers, office partitions, bonding flexible urethane or latex foams to themselves or to other lightweight materials.

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