Calcium Silicate insulation is especially recommended for use in the petrochemical, power generation and process industries where piping and equipment operating up to 1200°F (650°C).

Knowledge of Calcium Silicate Insulation Products:

Calcium silicate is commonly used as a safe alternative to asbestos for high temperature insulation materials. Industrial grade piping and equipment insulation is often fabricated from calcium silicate. Calcium silicate competes in these realms against rock wool as well as proprietary insulation solids, such as perlite mixture and vermiculite bonded with sodium silicate.

Product Benefits:

1. Excellent resistance to damage.

2. Inhibits corrosion on carbon steel.

3. Consistent thermal performance to 1200°F (650°C).

4. Noncombustible insulation.

5. Structural strength protects against damage to lagging.

6. Asbestos, Mercury and Lead free.

7. No organic binders.


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    Calcium Silicate Board

    Applications: Calcium silicate boards are asbestos-free, incombustible rigid thermal insulation materials used for applications in a wide variety of industries. The boards are reinforced with a very small amount of cellulose fiber in order to increase mechanical strength and machinability. The boards exhibit good compressive strength and low thermal conductivity, making it ideal for backup insulation in kilns and kiln cars. CALCIUM SILICATE boards can be CNC machined into intricate shapes, which makes for ideal use as insulating parts in analytical equipment.

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    Calcium Silicate Pipe Cover

    Applications: Non asbestos calcium silicate pipe covers are recommended as thermal insulation of piping in power station, steel mill and petrochemical industries as well as other various fields.

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