Knowledge of NBR / PVC Foam Insulation Products:

NBR polymeric based flexible closed cell insulation products have been on the market for over 30 years. During this time, they have proven their effectiveness in conserving energy and preventing condensation on a wide variety of applications.

Rubber plastic black elastomeric insulation products (tube and sheet) offer excellent flexibility, low water vapor transmission (WVT of 0.1 perm in. or less), thermal conductivity (k) similar to other insulation materials (0.30 BTU-in./hr.-sq. ft. F or less at 75ºF mean temperature) and flammability properties which meet the requirements of model building codes. Other attributes which are generally derived from this polymeric blend are good oil and ozone resistance and excellent adhesive/coating receptiveness. Typical use temperature ranges listed are -70ºF (-57ºC) to 220ºF (105ºC). Although all closed-cell elastomeric products are going to share many similar physical properties, a wide range of additives (fillers, plasticizers, aging and flame inhibitors) can be incorporated to enhance the product´s physical properties.

Product Benefits:

1. Flame and smoke propertiesNBR polymeric blend insulation products have a flame and smoke rating of 25/50 through 1-1/2” wall.

2. Strength propertiesNBR polymeric blend insulations have excellent tensile strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, and compression-set resistance. These strength properties make the insulation easier to install and more durable over time.

3. Temperature limits: Air will not easily permeate the cell walls of NBR polymeric blend foams. The lower temperature flexibility and lower temperature limits of NBR polymeric blends meet or exceed the requirements ofcommon installation practices and refrigerant line temperatures.

4. Water resistance: NBR polymeric blends are resistant to moisture.

5. Weather resistance: NBR polymeric blends are UV resistant.

6. Copper corrosion: NBR Polymerics Blends, when installed properly, do not corrode copper tubing.

7. Water Vapor Transmission Rates: The wvt values for NBR Polymeric based insulation products are low and they are considered to be low transmittance materials.

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