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Installation of Elastomeric Foam Insulation

Basic technical rules and installation instructions of rubber plastic thermal insulation materials

. Rubber plastic thermal insulation materials installation Technical Specifications

Rubber plastic insulation material installation should pay attention to the following points:

1. all of the cutting gap, adapter connector are required to adhesive seal with special glue .

2. after the installation of all tee joint , elbows, valves, flanges and other accessories are required to meet the design thickness.

3. glue bond will not be too hard, all the interfaces between materials should be slightly squeezed bonding.

4. the installation should first bassoon after a small tube, the first elbow, tee straight pipe after the last valves, flanges.

5. when installing chilled water and refrigeration equipment, the gap between both ends of rubber plastic insulation pipe and iron tube are coated with adhesive glue are required .

6. pipe cutting gap opening should be installed in an inconspicuous place, and the two pipe cutting gap opening should be staggered.

7. do not install the machine in use. Installed within 36 hours not boot.

8. the large diameter rubber tube due to packing has become oval, please cut the flat horizontal surface .

. The correct use of glue

1. shaking the container before use, so that the glue evenly, then in the actual installation, using canister glue, to prevent too fast evaporation, if necessary, can be poured into the canister in a large tank used, when not Guankou seal.

2. the use of a short, stiff brush.

3. the material at both ends of the surface coated with a thin , even special glue.

4. The natural drying time of special glue is 3-10 minutes, the length of time depends on the level of glue, atmospheric temperature and humidity, exposure time more than 20 minutes is invalid.

5. the use of the glue dry naturally, the correct method of measuring dry as "finger touch method", with finger contact adhesive surface, if the fingers do not stick to the material list Surface, and the surface of the material without sticky feeling, can be bonded.

6. the bonding interface simply stick grip while aligning the two surfaces can be.

7. if the storage time is too long, resulting in two junction pressed together non-sticky, then repeat steps 2-6.

8. usually, every kilograms of special rubber glue can be coated two square meters of the adhesive surface .

9. in general, special glue can not be used below 5 , when the 5 -10 working environment, set the glue placed on the indoor temperature is 20 , Remove the need to use.

10. when there is pressure in the case of connecting the two materials do not have to wait until the glue dry, wet bonding method, the first material is placed in the installation place of the material Interface glue coating material properly adjusted two positions will soon be designed according to your location bonding firm.

11. check the glue and iron pipe rust protection is strong bonding between.

*Drying time: refers to adhesive bonding of water into the material time between.

Factors to be considered for determining thickness of the heat- preservation material:

1. Environmental temperature: The higher the temperature is, the thicker the material is.

2. Relative humidity: the higher the relative humidity is , the thicker the material is .

3. Temperature of medium: the higher the temperature of medium is, the thicker the material is.

4. Diameter of pipe: the more the diameter of pipe is, the thicker the material is .

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